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Coco eau de parfume

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    Coco eau de parfume

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    Coco  Perfume for Women by Chanel


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Sexy, modern, fresh...

Over the years, ever since Coco Mademoiselle first hit the market, droves of men have noticed its aura in passing, women have complimented us on its sunny character and friends have taken it from our dresser captivated by its charms. Its staggering success is only testament to the supremacy of criteria of the best judge of them all: The public! Merging Gabrielle Chanel (Coco) and the term with which everyone from the doorman up addressed her with during her lifetime (Mademoiselle), this masterful bestseller is an aspiring enchantress compared to the more mature guiles of its older sister, the baroque Coco by Chanel.

Coco Mademoiselle’s gorgeous orange and bergamot top notes instead speak of Italian groves of trees under sunny skies, while its murky patchouli, vetiver and sweet vanilla base hints at a modern princess out for a good time at a Parisian gala, where her spirited strut and impeccable style draws admirers in. In-between fresh rose and lush jasmine purr of her budding sexuality, causing the occasional raised eyebrow for mischief played. Coco Mademoiselle wears like iron but presents its case like the delicate glow of a will o’ the wisp; Chanel herself would have been proud of such a success.

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