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    Allure Perfume for Women by Chanel


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An imaginary bouquet of fresh flowers...

With Allure, Chanel reminds us that the vanilla pod is the fruit of an exotic orchid, blending the levity of bright white flowers with the exoticism of the Orient through the magic of Madagascan vanilla. Perfumer Jacques Polge heightens the seductive qualities of this precious essence by folding in chords of mandarin and bergamot, then further brightening the fragrance with May rose (a variety known for its crystalline effect), seductive jasmine, airy water lily and citrusy magnolia. A touch of earthy vetiver brings the necessary counterbalance to this avalanche of gaiety and seals the Chanel ideal: Seduction without artifice or pretence. The composition shatters the traditional pyramid structure in order to take a prismatic exposition of the notes: That way notes come to the fore and regress continuously, making the fragrance ever evolving on the skin. Introduced in 1996, Allure is a true classic.

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