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    Eau Sauvage EXTREME Cologne for Men by Dior


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Fresh, distinguished, classic...

In its illustrious career, ever since the year of its creation 1966, Dior’s Eau Sauvage has stood as the bastion of unpretentious elegance within the plethora of masculine scents. Everything about it speaks of dignity, deep pleasure, exhilaration, true joie de vivre!

The zingy lemon top infused with herbal notes of lavender, thyme, basil and cumin is a modernization of the traditional Eau de Cologne formula, a recipe considered not only refreshing but also therapeutic. The discreet touches of green jasmine, rose and lilac in the core jest with the idea of “sauvage” (wild): The man wearing this is very sophisticated, yet still a thoroughbred male who can roar if he likes. The final whiff of mossy, woody (vetiver), musky notes makes it a great standby for every eventuality from business to pleasure. Plus, she will be bringing your worn shirts to her nose in reverie; priceless.

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