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Fleur du Male

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    Fleur du Male

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    Fleur du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne for Men


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A different fragrance, a new dimension...

This utterly novel, totally charming masculine scent is part of a new crop of fragrances that utilize unexpected arpeggios, mainly of orange blossom accords, into creating soft, soapy clean and convincingly modern colognes that are easy to put on any time and easy to love year round. The surprising, starched, almost powdery and hay-like, lightly sweet heart chord mischievously plays on the theme of the aromatic "fougère" genre (the classic ferny masculine cologne) injecting gentle floral nuances and the subtly bitter complimentary petit-grain, an ingredient steam distilled from the twigs and leaves of the bitter orange tree. The cologne's androgynous quality is a knowing wink from the designer who has given us another sweet fougère for men, composed by the same perfumer, the multitalented Francis Kurkdjian, Le Mâle. In tune with that fact, the playful name, Fleur du Mâle, is of course a wordplay on the previous above-mentioned best-seller and Baudelaire's famous poems collections "Les Fleurs du Mal" (Flowers of Evil). Encased in the same torso bottle but this time in opaque, milky white. Ladies, you might want to snitch this one off the shelf of your boyfriend or spouse as well, it's terrific on women's skin too!

Created: 2007 Type: Aromatic Fougere

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